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The Ke`aki Technologies Difference
At Ke`aki Technologies, it's all about performance. The combination of a motivated workforce, management acumen, and disciplined execution is critical to helping us not only meet but exceed your expectations. The three key components that create this winning environment are:

Employee Satisfaction. If you take care of your employees, they will care of your customers. Our competitive compensation and generous benefits package help us attract and retain superior talent. In addition, our positive work environment, which is based on the Hawaiian values of trust, respect, responsibility and excellence, motivates our people to achieve great things for themselves and our clients.

Personal Communications. Our service philosophy is based on the Hawaiian concept of kôkua, which is characterized by the “desire to be of help.” This spirit of cooperation is reflected in our daily on-site project management and our personal communications style. While we leverage the best in online communications, we strive to rapidly resolve issues face-to-face whenever possible. This reduces the chance of misunderstanding and helps foster collaboration.

Proven Processes. We have invested in and developed the mature infrastructure required for success. Our high-touch management style is augmented by the automated systems needed to efficiently manage large contracts and programs. We also apply best business practices and proven project and quality management methodologies to ensure consistent performance throughout our organization.

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