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Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO)-Owned 8(a)

As a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO)-owned 8(a) business, Ke`aki Technologies enjoys certain contracting rights. These include:

  • No dollar ceiling on NHO-owned 8(a) set asides: 13 CFR 124.506 (b)
  • NHO-owned 8(a) companies are eligible for direct award set-aside contracts regardless of dollar amount, resulting in savings to the government and the taxpayer through reduced procurement costs and bidding processes. NHO-owned 8(a) organizations are exempt from competitive threshold limitations in accordance with existing law and 13 CFR 124.506 (b)
  • Awards cannot be protested: CFR 124.517 (a)
  • Alpha contracting process used in direct award negotiations.
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