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Hawaii Business Magazine - Top 250 Companies

Hawaii Business Top 250

Every year the Hawaii Business Magazine comes out with their Top 250 premier listing of the state's largest companies. This list of elite companies is generated based on each company's gross annual revenue and includes the number of full-time employees, names of key executives, a description of the business, parent company, website and headquarters. Ke`aki Technologies has been awarded with a presence on this list three years in a row and is gradually moving up the rankings:

  • 2012 Hawaii Business Magazine Top 250 Companies, ranked 116th
  • 2011 Hawaii Business Magazine Top 250 Companies, ranked 118th
  • 2010 Hawaii Business Magazine Top 250 Companies, ranked 142nd


About Ke`aki Technologies
Ke`aki Technologies is a premier government services company that offers a full spectrum of solutions that improve the performance and operational effectiveness of our government and DoD customers. We provide mission-synchronized solutions in the areas of base and range operations support, biomedical defense support, telecommunications, and information technology services. A fast-growing Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) small business, Ke`aki Technologies has offices in Honolulu; Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas and Frederick, Maryland.

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