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Our base operations services include:
Base Operations Support
Ke`aki Technologies provides a full spectrum of base operations support services that help improve performance, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies. Our solutions are designed to optimize each base’s infrastructure and services while ensuring operational readiness.

We are the only company of our size with experience managing complex military base and range operations. We provide the resources to efficiently operate military bases and facilities of all sizes and types. By supporting a wide variety of critical functions and capabilities, we help sustain mission capability, enhance service members´┐Ż quality of life, increase workforce productivity, and save taxpayer dollars.

The combination of our accomplished management team and our highly skilled workforce ensures that all services are performed professionally. Our expertise in facility and program management enables us to:

  • Establish policies and procedures that ensure operational success
  • Devise creative facility-improvement and cost-reduction strategies
  • Apply commercial best practices to improve performance
  • Create life cycle-support programs that extend the life of facilities and equipment
  • Establish efficient procurement management procedures with the appropriate checks and balances
  • Implement process upgrades to improve efficiencies and reduce costs

Find out more about our base operations work at Pacific Missile Range Facility.


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