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Our support team can include:
Biomedical Defense Support
Ke`aki Technologies supports force health protection by delivering biomedical defense solutions for both prevention and treatment. Our personnel and management services span the full life cycle of biomedical defense, including research, development, acquisition, and deployment.

We are playing an important role in helping the Department of Defense (DoD) protect military personnel and our citizens. Whether it�s supporting medical research, assisting with the development and application of cutting-edge diagnostic, prevention, and treatment technologies, or working on applied preventive medicine and health-promotion capabilities, we are a trusted partner committed to mission success.

In order to help our customers advance vital biomedical defense activities, we provide a wide spectrum of technical, scientific, administrative, and medical expertise and other disciplines in support of force health protection. Our proven personnel and project management solutions offer a number of significant benefits, such as:

  • Single source for a wide variety of personnel needs
  • Better access to hard-to-find scientific and medical skill sets
  • Rapid response to surge requirements
  • Superior recruitment and retention
  • Responsive program management

We understand how to operate in challenging environments such as complex scientific organizations and biomedical research laboratories. Not only do we have experience providing diverse medical and scientific skills, but we also understand the unique requirements of working in specialized biosurety, safety, and high-security environments.

Find out more about our biomedical defense work at United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Photo courtesy of United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
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